Sunday Gathering


For almost 2000 years Christians have been meeting on Sundays to celebrate the Good News of Jesus. We are part of this rich history of celebrating Jesus.

We Gather together on purpose, making it a priority fixture in our week, because we see the need for community in our lives. Together we grow in our faith and encourage one another in the Good News of Jesus as his disciples.

  • Preaching – Allowing the Good News to grow us through the Bible applied to our lives in a relevant way, helping us to find our place in His-story.
  • Praying – God has given us access to him in prayer. We take the opportunity to pray with and for one another as we gather.
  • Singing – We have something to sing about! Jesus has saved our lives and has accepted us despite our great brokenness. We sing in gratitude to God and in encouragement to one another.
  • Speaking – God has placed us in each other’s lives and we have been given a voice to speak God’s truth to one another as the priesthood of all believers. We spend time on Sundays speaking allowing God’s Good News to thrill our hearts afresh.