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Sometimes life hits hard and we all need a little help.

Our church (Disciples Church) wants to love and serve people who are in need of help in the Leatherhead area as we have been loved and served by Jesus. Is there someone you know who is in need that you can nominate? We would like to take a Saturday and help a person/family in need with things like cleaning, gardening, cooking, fixing things, etc….

Do you know someone who is struggling who can benefit from an intentional act of loving and skilful kindness? If so, please send me a message.

Here is a list of services we are willing to offer:

Cleaning, cooking, laundry, gardening, decorating, hair cuts, alterations to clothes or home furnishing, tutoring for children in maths, english & science, photography (& make an album), fixing computer problems, creating a CV & career counselling, admin (book keeping), dog training & dog walking, we can also translate if there is a language barrier in Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian & a few other languages.

Quite a gifted bunch we have at church! 🙂

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