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Thanksgiving – What a Year for Matt Kottman!

Matt Kottman’s testimony of how his life was changed in 1 year. From finding his father, which he had never met, to gaining two new brothers, two new sisters-in-law, four nieces and nephews, and another mom. Thanksgiving had a very special meaning this year.

You Need the Local Church to be Healthy

Trip Lee talks about why we as individuals need the local church. He has some good words for us today. Original post found here:

Help Us Help People

Sometimes life hits hard and we all need a little help. Our church (Disciples Church) wants to love and serve people who are in need of help in the Leatherhead area as we have been loved and served by Jesus. Is there someone you know who is in need that you can nominate? We would like to take a Saturday and help a person/family in need with things like cleaning, gardening, cooking, fixing things, etc…. Do you know someone who…

Trials and Joy

Recently, a cocktail of circumstances caused me to lose my joy. You know how it is, any one of them on their own is tough but manageable, but when they all descend on you, it feels like the perfect storm. In the storm I could look at the horizon, and all I could see was wave after wave. On one particular evening at rush hour (which should really be called ‘park hour’) as I was commuting around the M25, right…

Creation Fest 2015 – The Resurrection

This week, I spoke at Creation Fest on the Resurrection. A theme so grand and central to the Christian faith that we need to remember the greatness of the event daily. How are you hoping in the resurrection today? Here is a link to the video of my message from Creation Fest. The video begins with a time of worship in song and the teaching begins at 18 mins. Watch: The Resurrection  

Do We Take God’s Word for Granted?

I was moved to tears watching this 1 minute video. Why? These Chinese Christians have received something that they had hungered after with deep longing. Their expressions and emotions are like those you’d expect from people who had lost their children and had finally found them again, or maybe like those who received life saving medication. What was it that moved them to this profound gratitude and joy? They received their first Bible in a country where Bibles are illegal!…

Christmas Truce: 100 years ago this year

Several years ago while touring the Imperial War Museum in London, I came across a small picture from the Great War (World War I). The picture depicted British and German soldiers playing football! How much football was played is uncertain, but it is documented that over 100,000 British and German troops took part in the unofficial cease-fire at Christmas in 1914, all along the Front. In some cases this lasted until New Years Day! They gathered together, exchanged souvenirs, sang…

The Real Story Behind Santa Claus

When it comes to Santa Claus, Christians are divided. Some Christians embrace the idea of Santa Claus viewing it as a fun and harmless tradition. Others reject Santa because they don’t want to lie to their children, and also the fat guy at the North Pole coming through the chimney on Christmas seems to take away from what Christmas is about. They are zealous for the real meaning of Christmas which is the Christ. What is helpful for all is…

The Nicene Creed

The Nicene Creed is one of the great confessional declarations made by Christians for several hundred years. Creeds like this remind us that our faith is a shared faith. In our day and age, we want to view everything as personal… it’s my personal faith… I personally believe… personally Jesus is… Although what we believe as Christians is personally impacting it is corporately proclaimed. We are part of a heritage. This heritage reaches back to a group of men given…