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Personal Growth

Bible reading

Bible reading plans for this year

Have you read through the entire Bible? If so, is Bible reading a habit of yours? I have read the whole Bible every year for about 22 years. It has enriched my soul and has rooted me in truth in times of blessing as well as times of trial. January is a great time to consider this great discipline of the Christian life. But how should we read through the Bible? Do you just start in Genesis and work your way to Revelation?

Do We Take God’s Word for Granted?

I was moved to tears watching this 1 minute video. Why? These Chinese Christians have received something that they had hungered after with deep longing. Their expressions and emotions are like those you’d expect from people who had lost their children and had finally found them again, or maybe like those who received life saving medication. What was it that moved them to this profound gratitude and joy? They received their first Bible in a country where Bibles are illegal!…

Resolving To Read

We are ramping up to a New Year. This usually means New Years resolutions. In the past, I have been down on making resolutions. Maybe its because they have tended to centre around eating less chocolate. Maybe its because it seemed that it was about our efforts to change ourselves. The fact of the matter is, change is what we are created for. Sin works a de-creation in our lives making us less and less like the God we were created to image…