Creation Fest 2015 – The Resurrection

This week, I spoke at Creation Fest on the Resurrection. A theme so grand and central to the Christian faith that we need to remember the greatness of the event daily. How are you hoping in the resurrection today? Here is a link to the video of my message from Creation Fest. The video begins with a time of worship in song and the teaching begins at 18 mins. Watch: The Resurrection   Share this…FacebookTwitteremail

Peace in a Hostile World

Christmas is a wonderful season of warmth and giving, and yet all around us the world is broken. We see hostility… wars, genocide, and sickness. This isn’t only outside our borders – domestic violence skyrockets in the Christmas season, discontentment and greed appear in the shopping frenzy, and some buy the affection of others through gifts. But when we think about Christmas, this all seems so wrong. What is wrong with the world? Why such hostility instead of peace? When…

Have you been burned by the Church?

Have you experienced pain and suffering because of the church? What is your view of the local church? Are there too many hypocrites there for your taste? Check out this short video… Share this…FacebookTwitteremail

This is What it Means to be a Christian in Syria

We had the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church last Sunday.  Christians are suffering all over the world for their faith. In our service we showed the video below which was put together by Voice of the Martyrs and Release International. Pray for our brothers and sisters who are being killed for their faith. What can we do? We can pray for our brothers. Commit to praying for those who are being persecuted for their faith. Many organisations…