Church Summer Camp 2022
  • Lockerley, England SO510LW

  • Hampshire Christian Trust

Church Summer Camp 2022

An exciting opportunity for fellowship!

This Summer Disciples Church is organising a week long summer camp!

The theme is UNITY and there will be teaching, worship, prayer, games, outings, activities and lots of fellowship time. Something for all ages and people!

This event is by invitation only and seeks to include primarily church members.
A donation of £10 per adult per night is required to attend the Church Summer Camp. (under 16 year olds go free)


We have recorded the sessions here, enjoy


There are 2 large barns:
Barn 1 – has a large L shaped meeting/eating/indoor activity area, kitchen and a meeting room upstairs.

Barn 2 – one half is an indoor games/activity area and the other is girls/boys toilet/shower facilities as well as staff washrooms. There is a crèche area called ‘The Zoo’ or it can be used as a small meeting room.

The Grounds

Games Areas – A football pitch and a volleyball court are located in the field. In addition there is plenty of space for rounders, or other outdoor games.

Campfire Area – There is a specially designated area for a campfire!

Barbeque – There is a large charcoal fired barbeque, which is ideal for hotdogs and burgers in the summer.


Lodges – There are 4 purpose built units which can sleep up to 10 people in each unit, each lodge has an en suite.

Sleeping Cabins – There are 8 cabins available, each cabin has 5 pairs of bunk beds and can therefore sleep up to 10 people in each cabin.

Field – The field has ample space for people to set up their own tents and there are also caravan hook up points in the field.


We will have activities for children and families.
We will have a day at the beach, games and BBQs.
We will have Prayer, Bible Study and Worship meetings.
And plenty of time to get to know each other “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” (Eph 4:3)

Please register as soon as you can to guarantee your place and prefered accommodation.

Camp Rules

As a church we desire for this camp to be a fun, spirit led week with great fellowship, encouraging messages, wonderful worship, and great times throughout. But in order for us to be alongside one another we do ask for cooperation on a number of camp rules.

Some of these rules are to do with the site and have been implemented by Hampshire Christian trust who have kindly allowed us this space for the week. Some rules are also implemented by our camp planning committee in order to ensure we are all able to enjoy the week without disruptions or difficulties.

Please read through the rules before singing the booking form so that we know you have agreed to what is written below.

  1. All noise is to be kept to a minimum past 10:30pm at night. Music / shouting / loud conversations or any loud noise which may keep others awake.
  2. All children are to be cared for and are the responsibility of their parents / carers unless they are engaging in a youth, Sunday school or creche activity, in which case they will be cared for by a member of our team. However outside of those specific hours they are the responsibility of the parents / carers.
  3. All rubbish / cleaning is the responsibility of the individual parties attending. Please make sure you clean up after yourself in all areas of the camp and in and around the camping areas which you are staying in. There are big industrial bins we can direct you to but please ensure you tidy up after yourself wherever you go. This includes toilets and kitchens after having used them.
  4. NO CHILDREN IN THE KITCHEN AREAS – The kitchen area in the camp has various safety hazards for children and so we ask all parents and families to ensure that no children are allowed access to the kitchen area at any time. This does include the youth unless specifically given permission by a camp leader.
  5. NO SMOKING / NO SWEARING / NO ABUSE OF ALCOHOLIC SUBSTANCES. We do not permit smoking on site nor swearing due to the nature of the camp, we are representing Jesus Christ as a family, and we should do so to the best our ability and therefore these things will not be tolerated. Alcohol is allowed on site but not drunkenness. If you are to drink, please do responsibly.
  6. Cars are to be kept in the car park and are not allowed to be parked on the grass. This includes caravan users, tents, and people in motor homes. Cars are to be parked either in the car park or in the overflow car park to the side of the camp.
  7. Any food being kept in fridges, freezers or pantry must be labelled if not for communal use. Access to the kitchen has to be permitted by hospitality lead if you are wanting to access outside of rota’s times. There are times in which the kitchen is free to be used but outside of this access must be granted.


We appreciate your engagement

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