Film & Theology
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Film & Theology

Daddy, Tell us the one about…” This is the kind of thing I hear around the dinner table. Our kids love to hear those silly stories of our past. Grown men cry when watching films (stories on a screen). What is it about stories that grip us and move us? Why do they touch our emotions so deeply? Why is it when someone is telling us facts and figures, we can glaze over, but when they say “Let me tell you a story”, we lean forward in our seats? We map our lives onto stories and identify with those who are like us or those whom we desire to be like.

This Saturday night, we will be watching a story (Cinderella), together. After watching the film we will have a brief time of discussion followed up by a short talk about how Cinderella takes us where we dream of going, and how it is incapable of making such dreams a reality.

This evening will be fun, engaging, and insightful, and so we hope you will come along and invite some friends to come along with you.


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