Life Discovery

Life Discovery – Christian Outreach

Life Discovery – Christian Outreach

Life Discovery takes place on the first Saturday of each month. Located at the Discovery Centre, near Horley, Surrey, Life Discovery offers a chance to discover the answers to life issues while enjoying:

Karting,  Motorsport, Watersports, Paintballing, Xtreme Mudsports, Health & Beauty

Many would say that a day spent doing all these activities represents life lived to the full. But most of us would agree, however, that to live life to the full is about something much deeper. Like being able perhaps to answer life’s key questions:

Why Do I Exist? What’s My Purpose? Does My Life Matter?

So on a Life Discovery day visitors get to experience life on both levels.

You won’t be preached at.

You will simply be offered some answers to consider in relation to life’s key questions.

There’s no formal cost – just a suggested donation fee of £30 per head to cover meals and all activities throughout a day.

For more information go to or contact: 01293-823823 / 07850-445398 /