Finding Treasure – Christian Book

Finding Treasure – Christian Book

A life with purpose

Life, in the common perception, of our day is just an accumulation of events. But Margaret has shown us in Finding Treasure, that life has meaning and purpose when you encounter Jesus, the saviour of the world and allow Him to become Lord of your life.

Some days, it just feels like we are the recipients of random events thrown at us from every direction, sometimes it seems like we don’t deserve or even have asked for such things to happen to us, but the reality is that each one of us plays a major role in the performance of our own lives. Will we spend our lives in tear and regrets, or will we find the courage to continue?

But, when we are awake to the reality that there is someone who is actually watching over us, and that it is He who has the script in His hand, because he is the author of the whole story; we realise that our entire existence has a purpose, even if we cannot yet see how we fit into His plan. We have to trust and wait until the picture becomes clearer.

Stitches on the way

Each day a challenge, each life event a picture, each experience of life an opportunity to grow and see the meaning of it all.

For some months at Disciples Church we have enjoyed seeing some of Margaret’s pictures, which add an extra dimension to our worship. Now we can read the story behind them and the lessons she has learned through her walk with the Lord.

I have found many revelations in this beautiful christian book, of the width and the depth in witch God takes the time to guide our hand and our feet a step at a time. In the fears, and the tears, in the joys and the sorrows, using the time to teach us through our success and failures.

So I can only say that if you were to open your heart you too would be able to hear, taste and see that the Lord is good.

Vlad Martinez

Pastor of Disciples Church Leatherhead

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