Where do we first find “giving” in the Bible?

It was in creation. God gave us breath/life Gen 2:7. God also gave us all that we needed to live Gen 1:29-30. God gave us a home and a job Gen 2:15. God gave us a purpose and mission Gen 1:28. God gave us His image and likeness Gen 1:27. Ultimately, God gave us Himself, in the person of Jesus John 3:16.

Where do we first find people giving to God?

All through Genesis we find people bringing an offering of worship to God, starting with Abel Gen 4:3-4, Noah Gen 8:20, and so on. The first time we see someone give of their wealth is with Abraham, who paid a tithe in Gen 14:18-20. Man’s giving seems to be a response to God’s own giving, to God’s worthiness and seems to have the intention of honouring God.

What is God’s will in relation to giving?

This first time God commands us to give to Him, He says to give of all our first fruits and firstborn, to honour Him Exo 22:29-30. As it relates to financial giving, the first time God commands it is in Exo 25:2-3 and God instructs Moses to receive the contribution from those whose hearts are moved to give.

You see, God is interested in the effect that the giving will have in us, not in receiving it. God’s will is that we are grateful, that we see Him as worthy of our first fruits Pro 3:9, not our leftovers, and that we desire to honour Him with a cheerful heart 2Co 9:7.

What did Jesus say about giving?

Jesus, who gave His life as a ransom for many Mar 10:45, and was betrayed for money Mat 27:3, said many things about giving and about money. Perhaps the most known ones are his warnings:

  • You cannot serve God and money Luk 16:13-14
  • His displeasure with the money-changers in the temple Mat 21:12
  • The parable of the talents Mat 25:14-30
  • Dont give with hypocrisy Luk 11:42

He was particularly critical of the religious leaders that, although they gave, they did it with the wrong heart, which seems to be the most important thing to God.

In Rom 12 Paul urges us to:

  1. give of ourselves – (in response to God’s mercy), of our gifts, generously, diligently, mercifully and cheerfully;
  2. to give sincere love – being devoted to honouring one another above ourselves;
  3. give in practical terms – to the needs of the saints and seeking to show hospitality.

The apostle John also appeals to genuineness in our love and practical giving in 1John 3:17-18 in response to the sacrificial love of God 1John 3:16.
James, the brother of our Lord Jesus, makes exactly the same point in James 2:15-16, in the context of having genuine faith.

In all these examples, not only the attitude of giving is paramount (sincere and in response to God), the nature of the giving is practical (as per the needs of the one we are loving), but also the target of the giving is always the people of God, the saints, the brothers and sisters.

How can I give?

If you are a follower of Christ and you wish to worship and honour God with your finances, wilfully, cheerfully, obediently and gratefully, then we encourage you to give to the church you are a member of.

If that is Disciples Church here are our details below:
Acc name: Calvary Chapel Leatherhead Limited,
S code: 202990
Acc: 90833959

You can also give when attending, as we will have an offerings box at the back of the church. There will not be a collection nor a message about giving every Sunday.

As a member of our church you will receive regular reports of how these finances are handled. As stewards of these resources we seek to be transparent and faithful before God and His people.

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