Church Trustees

Church Trustees

Our trustees help us to use God’s money in a wise manner, comply to the law of the land and keep accountability with the authorities.

The law requires that we register as a charity and as with any charity there needs to be a board of trustees that meet regularly and answer to the Charity Commission.

We do this also in obedience to Gods word: 1 Peter 2:17 “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.”


Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans has been a member of Disciples church since around 2015 and from about 2019 was assisting Vladimir Martinez, the pastor at the time, until assuming the role of Senior Pastor in 2021. Aaron and Hailey Evans, married in 2019, make the most beautiful couple and the church is blessed to have them both caring for us. Share this…FacebookTwitteremail

Ivan Santos

Ivan has been with Disciples Church since 2013 when he moved from Portugal (Calvary Chapel Algarve) with his family. Ivan and his wife Fenella have a hansom special needs boy named Samuel and they are involved in server the community in Leatherhead. Share this…FacebookTwitteremail

Rob Dingman

Rob pastors Calvary Chapel Twickenham. Matt Kottman was sent out by CCT to start Disciples Church (then known as Calvary Chapel Leatherhead). Since this time Rob has served as a trustee for Disciples Church. As an older, more experienced pastor, Rob’s insights are greatly valued by the Disciples Church leadership.   Share this…FacebookTwitteremail