The Road to Emmaus Bible Reading Plan 2024

The Road to Emmaus Bible Reading Plan 2024

A New Year, a New Bible Reading Plan

In 2023 we did our second run of the Road to Emmaus Bible Reading Plan, we read the scriptures in the order that Jesus and His disciples had them, according to the TaNaKh, the Hebrew Bible. In 2024 we will be going through the Bible chronologically, as things happened. This means, for example, that we will read the book of Job after Genesis 11 because Job was a contemporary of Abraham. We will read Samuel, Kings and Chronicles at the same time, as these books overlap. And we will read the 4 Gospels simultaneously, as they all overlap. This will give us a greater perspective of the historical context and a greater understanding of the sequence of events in the scriptures, as we read them.

Have a look at the comments of people who have gone through this reading plan at the bottom of this page.

Jesus in the Old Testament is not an added later idea, its the original purpose, the original design!

Pastor Mike Winger

How to find Jesus in the Old Testament

As always, the Road to Emmaus Bible Reading Plan is inspired by Luke 24:13-49, where Jesus “beginning with Moses and with all the Prophets, explained to them the things written about Himself in all the Scriptures”.

As we read God’s word together, prayerfully and relying on the Holy Spirit we hope that we may be able to say to one another what the disciples on the road to Emmaus said: “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

The resources shared on this page are intended to help us understand what we read. Make as much, or as little, use of these resources as you wish, or can. Please do not feel overwhelmed by the amount, just select what you want.

Don’t let anything stop you from reading God’s word daily, our daily bread.



Reading Plan

(audio/book )



Discussion Group



Before we start the reading plan on the 15th of January please watch a video from the list below or read the book. Doing this will help us get more out of our reading.

The Road to Emmaus Reading Plan

The Bible Recap + The Bible Project

In 2024 we will be following 2 reading plans, 1 Year for the whole Bible and 3 Months for the New Testament. These plans were created by this wonderful ministry called “The Bible Recap” which also includes Bible Project book summary videos. Watch this short video above that explains how it all works.

We begin on Monday the 15th of January. (but you can join at any time!)

You can read from your own Bible or read and listen on your phone or computer (all languages available). When you subscribe you will be able to keep up with the reading schedule and have access to the devotional videos. Make sure you are ready to start by following the steps below:

  1. Install the YouVersion App, go to:
  2. Subscribe to a reading plan:

The Paper Version

If you prefer to print out the reading plan, instead of using the app, please click on the plan you wish to print below:


At the beginning of each book, in our reading plan, we will go through a Bible Project overview video of the book, and along the way, there will be a recap short video every day (this is included in the reading plan).

If you are following the reading plan by paper you can access the videos via these links:

The Bible Recap Playlist

The Bible Project Old Testament Playlist and New Testament Playlist

Discussion Group

Finally, we will have a WhatsApp group to keep everyone encouraged and engaged and, once a month, the opportunity to meet in person or virtually. (please ask to join)

In the meetings, we will share the notes we made while reading, and especially the references to Jesus. We will also bring up questions about what we read and find the answers in the scriptures together.

Please get in touch with Ivan Santos if you have questions and are interested in joining this year’s Road to Emmaus Bible Reading Plan.


  1. Dan

    I have followed the plan this year and have found it to be really helpful in keeping me on track and accountable. It’s such an encouragement, knowing that others are reading the same passage each day. Also writing thoughts and seeing others thoughts can be illuminating. Wether you have read through the bible a hundred times or even if there are huge chunks you have never read, this resource will benefit you!

  2. Paul

    I haven’t stuck to anything like this before and tried bible reading plans previously and failed. This kept me going with great devotionals from The Bible Project. I thoroughly recommend all Christians to sign up and enjoy the spiritual journey you will have.

  3. Anonymous

    I have loved the experience of reading through the Bible in community, sharing the insights and questions with each other, growing together in faith. I’m on to my 3rd year, praise God!

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