Showing Hospitality to Ukrainian Refugees

Showing Hospitality to Ukrainian Refugees

Loving our neighbours – the Ukrainian Refugees

Since the 24th of February we have been watching in shock the injustice suffered by the Ukrainian people. They are victims of a criminal act of war that no one seems to be capable of stopping. Within 1 month over 1000 civilians have been killed and about 4 million people have left the country seeking safe refuge. Our prayers are with them.

Millions of Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Christ are suffering and losing their lives, thousands are offering help on the borders and going into the war zone to rescue people and take supplies to those who can’t leave.

The rest of us are in the comfort of our homes and in the safety of our peaceful countries hoping and praying there was something we could do to help.

Providing Information About Rehoming Ukrainian Refugees

Information has been made available about what European governments are doing to welcome Ukrainian refugees and rehome them while the war is raging. However, it’s not easy to find this information all in one place and more importantly to provide it to those who are on the ground, taking aid to the refugees, or to the refugees themselves, in their own language.

Here is a an information site relevant only to EU (european Union) countries. Information for people fleeing the war in Ukraine | European Commission (

So, for that reason we have tried to bring that information together into one document. We have also created forms to help not only the refugees who wish to be received in the UK or other european countries, but also for the people (or sponsors) who would be willing to open their homes or give of their time to help rehome and welcome as many people as possible into safety.

Schemes available by country







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