Spiritual Warfare – An In-depth study

Spiritual Warfare – An In-depth study

Spiritual warfare – undertaught and misunderstood

Spiritual warfare is maybe one of the most undertaught and misunderstood topics.

Without the Christian faith we can only draw from the influence of Hollywood and experience-based philosophies and understandings. In this study, however, we will look at what the word of God has to say about this expansive topic.

Our prayer for those in the studies, or for those following along via our session plans, is that by the end of this 7-part series, many of the myths and falsehoods will be exposed. Our hope is that true biblical practises will be formed and the people of God will be better equipped for the many spiritual battles ahead.

May God bless you as you search his word with us for the answers and instructions.

“So that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.”

2nd Corinthians 2:11

Now available:

SESSION ONE: Who is our enemy?

SESSION TWO: The enemies’ objectives. Israel / the church / humanity.

SESSION THREE: Who is the enemy? Part 1, Part 2

SESSION FOUR: How are we called to fight? Our role in spiritual warfare.


SESSION FIVE: The weapons of our warfare and how to use them!

SESSION SIX: Engaging the enemy – what does that look like?

SESSION SEVEN: The enemy defeated – now and then!


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