Sunday Service

Sunday Service

Disciples Church Sunday Service

Visiting a new church on a Sunday service (both for the churched and the unchurched) can be intimidating. What will they do? Will I feel awkward or out of place? Is everyone going to be dressed in white robes while I wear blue jeans and a T-shirt? We want you to feel welcome, and so we have tried to anticipate some of the questions you might ask before visiting.

Who’s invited to the Sunday Service?

All are invited! It doesn’t matter if you have a church background or if you are simply curious about the person and teachings of Jesus. We would love to welcome you as our guest.

Where do you meet?

We meet in Leatherhead, Surrey. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see our address and a map to help you get to us.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking all around and it is free. For those with mobility difficulty, there is Blue badge parking and access is wheelchair friendly.

Will I be asked to give money?

No. We have an offering box for the church family to contribute, but we never ask guests to give financially.

What is the music like?

The music style is a mix of newer songs and old hymns (many of which are updated musically). We sing as an expression of worship unto God, proclaiming the greatness of God, and as an encouragement to one another. People are free to stand, sit, kneel, or raise their hands as we sing. We also give some space between songs for prayer. We normally sing a couple of songs at the start of our service, as we are reminded to prepare our hearts to hear God’s Word, then sing a few songs after the message in response to what we have heard from God’s Word. Take a look at a playlist with examples of songs we play here.

What should I expect from the message?

The message is always from the Bible. We believe the Word of God reveals the God of the Word, thus we listen to the Bible taught book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse (without skipping the difficult bits). Because God is relevant, the Bible is relevant, thus we seek to communicate this timeless truth in a timely way. God’s Word is not boring thus we seek to allow the exciting relevancy of the Scriptures to speak through the message. God’s Word is also true, thus we seek to ensure that the message’s content is consistent with the Scriptures. Watch or listen to one of our recent messages.

What should I wear for the Sunday Service?

Our church values diversity in dress. The majority of the people would dress casually, but dress how you feel is appropriate for you, where you feel relaxed and others would feel relaxed too. We believe that we live before the face of God whether we are in a church service or not. Thus we do not require your “Sunday best”.

What about the Youth and the children?

Although we believe that the church should be a united congregation of diverse peoples of all ages, we acknowledge that varying degrees of spiritual maturity call for different types of teaching. To this end, the youth class aims to teach the bible in the same way but in a group setting that allows for discussion and questions. Youths who are mature and willing are encouraged to stay in the main service.

Also, during the message portion of our service, children under year 7 (age 12) will go to their fun Sunday School classes where they will learn how the Bible applies to their lives as they see Jesus as the true hero of the Scriptures.

Nursing mums or parents with little ones also have a room in which they can care for their children while still listening to the message.

Is that it?

No, I’m glad you asked. After the service, we spend some time getting to know each other and having a hot or cold drink and a biscuit while the kids use the facilities. Also, every 1st Sunday of every month we have a big meal together! We are a community of faith, a family in Christ and we welcome you!

What do you believe?

We believe in the historic teachings of the Christian Church in the Protestant tradition, adhering to the recognised creeds of the early church, but this question deserves its own page, and you can view it here.

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