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'church' Tagged Posts

You Need the Local Church to be Healthy

Trip Lee talks about why we as individuals need the local church. He has some good words for us today. Original post found here: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/you-need-the-local-church-to-be-healthy Share this…FacebookTwitteremail

Have you been burned by the Church?

Have you experienced pain and suffering because of the church? What is your view of the local church? Are there too many hypocrites there for your taste? Check out this short video… Share this…FacebookTwitteremail

Why Should Someone Commit to a Church?

I often hear Christians say that they are part of the Church but not part of the church. In other words, they say they love Jesus and are having church wherever they go with other Christians. But the idea of committing to a local church is asking a bit much of them. The local church is God’s idea. Joshua Harris in the 2 minute video explains briefly why the church is important. He also wrote an excellent book called Stop Dating…